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Learn To Save Lives

Booking Blended Learning Programs 

Be prepared for emergencies with the help of our training courses.

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Professional Safety Training Services in Ontario

Rescue Plus Safety Training Specialists provide safety training programs that teach adults and children life-saving skills. We have been serving the GTA since 1989. Our first aid and CPR programs teach the skills necessary to assess and treat an injured or ill patient until medical help arrives. We provide certification programs to meet the requirements of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB Regulation 1101), Heart & Stroke, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. With a background in workplace safety and injury prevention, Rescue Plus tailors programs that help prepare participants in the area of their specialized skills.

The Rescue Plus trainers will travel to the location of your choice or a dedicated Durham facility. 

Our community-based first aid and CPR programs are also available through Durham College’s Centre for Professional and Part-Time Learning.

We are taking all the necessary precautions to reduce the chances of being infected by COVID-19.

COVID-19 Information

WSIB Approved First Aid & CPR Training During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, in-class training for first aid and CPR procedures will change and be updated regularly, based on the advice of the regulatory body in our region. Rescue Plus will be performing and enforcing best practices for disease control, physical distancing and risk reduction of the spread of COVID-19 during all classes. 

To help students get back to training, we are now offering blended learning. Half of the certification can be completed online to minimize the time spent in the classroom. This is an option for all WSIB accredited Lifesaver 101 first aid and CPR programs offered by Rescue Plus (authorized provider). We are also offering three online heart and stroke BLS (basic life support) CPR training options.


When booking a class, please check with Rescue Plus to find out the newest safety protocol for attending class sessions. Times have changed and so have we.

Here are some helpful links:

Once the virtual course is completed, the participants will receive a temporary first-aid certificate, recognized by the WSIB as appropriate for employment and education purposes. The certificate is valid for 90 days. Participants will then be required to complete the Practical Skills portion of their first aid certification during an in-class session beginning in August. 


Follow These Steps to Begin Your Blended First Aid Certification


       Step 1 -       Select Your Course

(pay full course fee - no additional payment due for the in-class portion)

Step 2 - Complete Online Training

(receive temporary 2-months certificate. WSIB approved for employment and academic purposes)

     Step 3 -   Book In-Class Training

 (no additional course fees required)

Step 4 - Complete In-Class Training

(Within 60 days. Receive full certification valid for 3 years)


Rescue Plus provides program certification as per the approved standards set by the WSIB Regulation 1101, as an Authorized Provider of Lifesaver 101's First Aid and CPR training. 


As of July 2020, Rescue Plus is offering several new blended programs, including Lifesaver 101’s First Aid & CPR, Anaphylaxis Awareness, Health and Safety, Mental Health and Wellness and Injury Prevention programs, as well as online and in-class sessions. 

In addition to these new programs, Mary-Jo has been facilitating first aid, CPR and WHMIS training programs since 1989 and has worked with the Workers Health and Safety Centre, providing essential knowledge through the Young Workers Awareness Programs at the GTA High Schools for over 15 years. Mary-Jo developed and continues to provide an enhanced version of the Young Workers program called Health and Safety for Youth. As a speaker for Food Allergy Canada (formally Anaphylaxis Canada), Mary-Jo presents the Anaphylaxis in schools and Childcare Centre programs with on-site skills evaluation.

Style & Purpose

Each program is modified to meet the needs of the participants/students. We guarantee that the delivery of the programs will be fun, interactive, clear, concise and effective. Being certified will help prepare the participants/students to respond appropriately to emergencies. 

Our trainers are experienced professionals, who are proficient in adult learning and adapting to on-going guideline changes. They are well-received by the participants/students, which leads to creating a very productive learning environment. Our unique training principles, simple to remember rules and realistic scenarios, exceed recognized training standards. 

We are your best choice because we offer:

More than just first-aid and CPR
Larger domain of expertise
30+ years of experience
Specialized training in injury prevention

For more information or to book a training program, please contact us, or send us an email. We look forward to the opportunity of working with your students and staff. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more information.


Mary-Jo Was Very Good

“I was already certified being on the Health & Safety Board at work but it expired last June and I needed a refresher course. I chose Rescue Plus for my standard CPR recertification because it was close by here in Durham. The trainer Mary-Jo was very good. Her training materials were clean and I felt very comfortable.”

Nikolai W

CPR training

Want to Make a Difference?

Learn the basics of saving lives with our WSIB accredited Lifesaver 101, First Aid, and CPR courses.

woman suffering from a pain in the heart

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Signs of Severe Allergic Reaction

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